Satyananda Yoga sessions

Α typical yoga session at Satyananda Yoga centres and ashrams usually runs for one and a half hours. The atmosphere is non-competitive and the focus is on one’s own experience.

A range of practices are offered to cater for all levels of ability, from beginners to advanced. The combination of the practices harmonize and integrate all aspects of one’s life: body, mind and spirit. The main emphasis is on the student’s own experience and the development of awareness.


theory 1. Theory: Brief talk on a particular concept or theme.

2. Asana: Body postures that strengthen, stretch and revitalize the whole body. Asanas invigorate the body systems and harmonize them, so that they function better as a whole.

3. Pranayama: Techniques that use the breath to unblock and balance prana (the life force) within the body. There are three categories:
• energizing (to increase energy)
• calming (to calm the body and mind)
• balancing (to balance the body and mind) 

4. Mudras and bandhas: Mudras stimulate the functioning of the glands and completely balance the hormone system, bestowing one with power and health. On a deeper level, they increase one’s awareness of the vital energy (prana) within the body. Bandhas aim to ‘lock’ prana in particular areas of the body and redirect it for the purpose of spiritual awakening.

5. Satyananda Yoga Nidra™: A steady and systematic method of deep relaxation and inner transformation. Satyananda Yoga Nidra™ was formulated and developed by Swami Satyananda Saraswati from the traditional Tantric practices. It is a pratyahara technique in which the distractions of the mind are contained, allowing the mind to progressively and systematically relax. This practice has a profound transformative effect on practitioners.
6. Meditation: Techniques for self-observation and mind management.
7. Time for questions and answers

There are many Satyananda Yoga instructors and centres all over Greece. Yoga sessions in English language are available at the centres in Athens and Thessaloniki. 

Personal sessions in a variety of languages like English, German, French, Serbian, Turkish, Russian and Bulgarian, are available upon request. 

Please contact us for more information or view the map of instructors in Greece in order to find an instructor near you. 


Instructors of Satyanandashram Hellas are available to give seminars and yoga sessions outside the Paiania ashram.

Yoga instructors are available for yoga sessions and seminars at your home or public venues like schools, clubs and other organisations. Please contact us for more information.


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Satyanandashram is a non-profit organization and receives no government funding. Programs and activities are open to members. Contributions and donations cover the running costs and go towards the philanthropic work of Satyananda Math to assist those in need. Contributions are non-refundable and non-transferable. Booking is essential to secure your place.
The term SATYANANDA YOGA® is a trademark owned by IYFM and used with permission. 


Satyanandashram Hellas:

1. Ashram Paiania, PO Box 22, 19002 Paiania, Greece, tel: +30 210 6644189, 210 6028531, fax: +30 210 6644048, email: [email protected]
2. Satyananda Yoga Meditation Centre Paiania, Diadochou Konstantinou 32, 19002 Paiania, tel: +30 210 6641545, email: [email protected]
3. Satyananda Yoga Meditation Centre Athens, Semitelou 2, Athens, tel: +30 210 3311178, email: [email protected]
4. Satyananda Yoga Meditation Centre Thessaloniki, Proxenou Koromila 1, 54624 Thessaloniki, tel: +30 2310 283109, fax: +30 2310 229574, email: [email protected]

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