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    Nobility Swami Sivamurti

    Your self is noble and great. You inherit truth and purity. You have within you infinite capacities. You have just to assert who you are.

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    The RYE approach Micheline Flak

    Today’s society is extremely stressful, violent and fast-paced. One wonders how stressed, overworked teachers can ever hope to meet National Curriculum demands and achieve their learning objectives when their pupils are equally stressed,

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    What is RYE? Micheline Flak

    Micheline Flak founded RYE – Research on Yoga in Education - in 1978. She taught English in a Parisian middle school and was also a yoga practitioner and teacher.

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    Making the World a Better Place Swami Niranjanananda

    From "Yoga Chakra 2: Cultivating Spiritual Samskara", Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati

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    Integrity Swami Sivamurti

    Develop an integral personality. Tie all the loose ends in your character. Become a man of high moral principles. Lead a life of righteousness. Everyone will trust you, obey you, respect you and revere you.

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    Epictetus Enchiridion Salonika Women’s Group

    The following is an article based on the presentation by the Salonika Women’s Group at the 9th annual Women’s Symposium conducted at Satyanandashram Paiania 24-26 June 2016.

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    International Day of Yoga Swami Niranjanananda

    Today is a historic day for today the world has adopted a vidya, a lifestyle and a culture from India which is the most precious foundation of this land. 'International Day of Yoga' is being celebrated for the first time in the world today.

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    Serve, Love, Give - An Awareness Swami Satyasangananda

    Rikhiapeeth is a Hridayapeeth, a place of the heart. We are actually situated in the place where Sati's heart fell, so we are in a Hridayapeeth as well as a Shaktipeeth.

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    Purpose of Education Swami Satyananda

    Education has two purposes. The first is to equip you with qualifications so you can earn a living in agriculture, commerce or technology. You receive instruction about the outside world. The second purpose is to impart knowledge about the inner world.

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    Research on Yoga in Education Swami Yogabhakti Saraswati (Micheline Flak)

    Under the inspiration of Swami Satyananda Saraswati and her own experience as a yoga teacher and English teacher in a French secondary high school in Paris, Swami Yogabhakti Saraswati (Micheline Flak), has created an association called RYE

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    Yoga, Karma and Destiny Swami Sivamurti

    What is karma and does it determine one’s destiny?

    Most people now have heard of the Sanskrit word karma. It is used quite freely.

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    Tenacity Swami Sivamurti

    Tenacity is that which enables us to keep on going no matter what. Like in Rudyard Kipling’s poem ‘If’:

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    Humility Swami Sivamurti

    Respect everybody. Bow with folded hands before all. Do not talk in a loud voice before elders and venerable persons. See the Lord in all and feel that you are his servant, and so, the servant of all. Consider none as inferior to you.

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    Adaptability Swami Sivamurti

    Adaptability is the 6th ITY of Swami Sivananda’s 18 ITIES. These eighteen ITIES are otherwise known as positive qualities or virtues. The practice of these qualities leads the aspirant towards living a divine life.

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    Training of the Mind Swami Sivananda

    Divine Life Society Publication: Divine Life – Value System by Sri Swami Sivananda

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    Satyananda Μath: Little Miracles – Helping Those in Need Sannyasin Poornamurti

    I had just came back from distributing meals to those who are less privileged in my city.

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    What is the Purpose of Yoga? Swami Niranjanananda

    'Purpose of Yoga is Positivity in Life' : If there are two piles, one of 'Gold' and one of 'Dirt', which one will You choose?

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    When the Mind is restless what yoga practices are recommended? Swami Niranjanananda

    For immediate relief from the restless mind, the practices of Pranayama are very beneficial and they are advised. It is not necessary, if your mind becomes disturbed at the market, to sit down right there and start closing your nose.

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    The Wonderful Story of Yoga Swami Yoga Gyana

    When we were in Satyanandashram Paiania in May 2014, we spoke about many things and the conversation moved into our first ever experiences in the ashram. Many people spoke about how they felt the first time they visited this special place.

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    Pathways to the Ashram Swami Aparokshananda and Swami Kevalyananda

    The definition of the word ‘ashram’ or ‘ashrama’ can be understood from its etymology. It is derived primarily from the Sanskrit word shrama which means ‘effort’. ‘Ashram’ is also related to the word ashaya which means ‘refuge’ or ‘retreat’.

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    How to face defeat and victory with equanimity? Swami Sivamurti

    Equanimity is being even tempered, even in extreme situations. It is being balanced in heat and cold, in happiness and suffering. One who travels the path with clarity, who is not influenced by opposites and is not ruffled, is a balanced person.

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    Fixity Swami Sivamurti

    Fixity is the 5th ITY of Swami Sivananda’s 18 ITIES. These eighteen ITIES are otherwise known as positive qualities or virtues. The practice of these qualities leads the aspirant towards living a divine life.

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    Rediscovering Yoga Swami Satsangi

    In the Ramacharitamanas, in Sundarkand, there is a very special moment when Jamavant reminds Hanuman of his greatness. Hanuman has been sent by Rama to search for Sita, who has been kidnapped by Ravana.

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    Yoga & Health - Overcoming Breast Cancer Sannyasin Amritmurti

    Yoga and Health
    Satyananda Math and Yoga Women's Group Salonica in collaboration with Alma Zois (Breast cancer Society) 

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    Bal Yoga Mitra Mandal Satyanandashram Hellas

    Bal Yoga Mitra Mandal (BYMM) is a unique organization formed in 1995 in India, by Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati, the successor of Swami Satyananda who founded the Bihar School of Yoga in India.

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    Yoga Poornima Satyanandashram Hellas

    December, the month in which Yoga Poornima fell this year, is considered the
    most auspicious of all the months. It is a month full of the energies that
    allow one to explore deeper dimensions of their being.

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    Swami Niranjan’s suggestion for dealing with the crisis in Greece Swami Niranjanananda

    During a recent visit to India this year, we asked Swami Niranjan a question about living in the difficult economic situation that now exists in Greece.

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    Yoga for Deaf and Hearing Impaired Children Sannyasin Yogaranjan

    Sannyasin Yoga Ranjan was given the opportunity to teach yoga to deaf and hearing-impaired teenagers in Thessaloniki for three months in Spring 2014 as a project of Satyananda Math.

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    Creating a balance within society Swami Satyananda

    Money has three destinations: daan, offering; bhoga, enjoyment; and nasha, destruction. All property has these three destinations only. You may enjoy it or you may offer it, otherwise it will be lost or destroyed.

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    Yoga and Drama Sannyasin Tattwaroopa

    Nowadays, yoga is recognized as a science. Its beneficial effects are being confirmed and explained by the results of the studies in research laboratories.


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