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Rikhiapeeth is a Hridayapeeth, a place of the heart. We are actually situated in the place where Sati's heart fell, so we are in a Hridayapeeth as well as a Shaktipeeth.

If you want to manage your mind, the mind which gives you trouble all the time, you have to do so with the heart. There are moments when you feel unprotected, alone, insecure, fearful, under-confident and helpless. If you want to overcome all that you cannot do so through the mind because the same mind that is feeling all that is the one that has to be overcome.

The mind will always pull you down; it doesn't have the capacity to take you further, to take that leap into a higher awareness. It's not that the mind is bad, but to take the mind from its tamasic state of inertia, dullness, procrastination, darkness and despair to the rajasic state of accomplishment, achievement and expression through desire, you need to give the mind some food for thought. You have to give your mind some motivation when you are feeling lazy. But, what is the motivation to take the mind one step further from rajasic to sattwic? People's minds are not much interested in it; the motivation is lacking to take that jump. Who thinks of atma? Does anybody think of atma? A few do. There are always exceptions. But I'm saying that worldwide it has to become awareness. People have to develop their spiritual awareness and that of bhakti.

You can experience bhakti when you see that there is a common thread running through everybody and the whole of creation. Bhakti means that you feel the difficulties of others as you would your own, as simple as that. Experiencing someone else's sorrow or someone else's happiness as your own is bhakti. Right now your sorrow is your sorrow. You may sympathise with others or help out in someone's moment of distress but you don't feel it. Bhakti is when there is a natural empathy because you see yourself in others. If people can begin to develop this awareness then who will harm who? Because, if you harm another, you harm yourself. If you feel compassion for yourself, then you feel compassion For others. We are all connected. We are not separate. Everything we are and have is the result of compassion.

Nature compassionately provides us the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, a place to live and the life force. Everything is provided out of compassion and love. Develop that same compassion for yourself and you will feel it for all beings. Who then will steal, murder, abuse and insult? Which nation is going to attack another nation? We are all connected.

Swami Sivananda said:

"Love all. Serve all. Develop adaptability and the spirit of selfless service and penetrate into the hearts of all through untiring service. This is verily Advaitic realisation of unity or oneness."

That awareness has to dawn and it is possible through the purification which comes from serving, loving and giving. It is not possible through logical means. It is not possible through the mind. It is only possible through awakening the heart. It is only possible when your heart opens and melts for another who is not yours own, for someone who does not belong to you, but is in need.

An extract from Sankalpa of a Rajarishi pp.232-233

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