imageSannyasin Poornamurti - Satyananda Μath: Little Miracles – Helping Those in Need

I had just came back from distributing meals to those who are less privileged in my city.

Once a month on Thursday, the Athenian group of Satyananda Math takes on the responsibility of handing out a number of packaged meals containing a cooked meal accompanied by one boiled egg, some bread, olives, fruit, a sweet and milk to their fellow citizens who are facing difficulties. It was cold today, but the energy of offering warmed up our hearts. Each yoga center prepares 20 lunch- boxes every month. My students embrace this activity and they contribute to it actively. Each student has to bring something and undertakes the responsibility of doing it every month. The majority of items were collected last night to be packed and the cooked meal was added this morning. Yesterday, after the yoga class, some of the students stayed for seva yoga and this was the opportunity for me to speak to them about this branch of yoga and to explain that it is not about charity, but it is the continuation of the yoga class itself. It was an opportunity for us to train our awareness in order to make sure that all the packets would contain the same amount of food and side-dishes, but mainly to pack them with love and care. “ Do it as you would do for your beloved ”, I told them, and images of Rikhia passed through my mind, where, under the guidance of Paramahamsaji (Paramahamsa Satyananda) and Swami Satsangi’s, the basic necessities which are needed for living, continue to be distributed with generosity together with love and care which is needed for the support of the soul. This is the way that Satyananda yoga “speaks” in my heart, and no matter how far I may go, I will always return to my base, to my center, to the place where I hear my higher Self speak.

The students felt this energy while they prepared the packages of food; they tuned in to it and expressed it. Energy began to flow without obstacles, and we all started to observe the “little miracles” which were happening, helping us to fulfill our duty. The small hitches regarding the quantities and the packing were magically overcome, and all doors opened up to help us fulfill our small mission; to add our little contribution in order to make our fellow human beings feel a little better, and show that there are some people who care for them. I heard an elderly man, who lives off charity, say that he comes to us because he always finds the food to be so good. It was this comment and the stream of well wishes expressed by all those who happen to find themselves in a difficult situation at the moment. This was so rewarding.

Sannyasin Poornamurti

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