imageSwami Niranjanananda - What is the Purpose of Yoga?

'Purpose of Yoga is Positivity in Life' : If there are two piles, one of 'Gold' and one of 'Dirt', which one will You choose?

The gold ONE. If there is only one pile in which the dirt and gold are mixed, what will you do? Separate the gold from the dirt and take the gold. Can you do that with yourself?

The personality is a combination of both rubbish and gold. Generally people are affected by the rubbish and ignore the gold.

It is for this reason that, despite having so much to give, so much to receive and so many positive qualities within, we identify with the negative.

Separating the negative from the positive and selecting and holding onto the' Positive is the Purpose of Yoga'.

It is that purpose which has to be fulfilled in life. When it comes to individual development and perception, the awareness must be deepened in such a way that we are aware of the grime or dirt, the negative, as well as the beautiful, the positive.

Rejection of the negative and connection with the positive has to take place. This is not only an intellectual concept; it is something one has to imbibe in life.

Swami Niranjanananda (Bihar School of Yoga)

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