Paiania Center

Satyananda Yoga Meditation Center in Paiania

Since 2008

Τhe Satyananda Yoga Meditation Center of Paiania ( situated 3 kilometers from Paiania ashram, ) at 32 Ιona Vorre Street (former address was Diadοchou Konstantinou Street), is housed in a warm and tranquil setting which consists of a fully renovated stone house with a beautiful garden, ideal for yoga practices and gatherings.


About Satyananda Yoga Meditation Centers

The Satyananda Yoga Meditation Centers in Athens, Thessaloniki and Paiania were established in 1977, 1981 and 2010 respectively by Swami Sivamurti Saraswati with the vision to providing yoga practitioners with the maximum benefits from their yoga practice and thereafter directed by her, after which the direction of the Centers passed onto Swami Bhajanananda in Thessaloniki in 1981 and then onto Sannyasin Sivakar in 1998 and onto various sannyasins over the years, in Athens and Paiania.

The Satyananda Yoga Meditation Centers have supported and helped thousands of people to discover for themselves the timeless value of yogic practices.

Here, one does not only learn the physical side of Yoga, but also the philosophy and psychology of yoga to enable one to manage the everyday challenges of life with equilibrium.


The Centers offer many different activities from shatkarmas to daily yoga classes for beginners and intermediate classes to specialised yoga courses on a variety of yoga related topics. Various yogic capsules are also taught which can be easily and effectively incorporated into one’s daily life, on a variety of topics: yoga for a flexible spine; stress management; general well – being etc. Yogic sessions for children and teens, seminars, excursions, kirtan evenings, yogic events and a host of other activities.

The centers also organise activities to bring the teachings of the Satyananda System of Yoga to the various stratas of society, with open days, yoga in the park and yoga in nature and satsang evenings (live or on DVD).

Each center is supported by a committee and seva yogis and all teaching is done in the spirit of seva yoga. The centers also play an important role in supporting the activities of Satyananda Math – Amba (the philanthropic arm of Satyanandashram Hellas which purpose is the pursuit of the well-being of others, the serving of general social interests) and connecting students with the ashram where they deepen their yogic experience, through sadhana and learning how to live a yogic lifestyle.

Satyananda Yoga

Satyananda Yoga is a globally recognized scientific form of yoga which sets the foundations for a better quality of life, both physically and mentally. It provides the tools for developing a balanced personality and awakening one’s latent potential. It is both holistic and suitable for everyone, from beginners to intermediate and advanced levels. As a traditional form of yoga, its roots connect with a rich tradition yet it is perfectly adapted to today’s needs.









Teachers & Ιnstructors

The centers teachers and instructors are trained in the Satyananda system of yoga and have long experience in teaching yoga. They continuously upgrade their knowledge with further training through Education in Action courses and a wide variety of seminars on yoga related topics, both in Greece and India. All teachers and instructors are members of the Hellenic Union of Teachers trained in the Satyananda system of yoga.

Specialized programs are also conducted by resident teachers, some of whom have been teaching and living in the ashram for over 20 – 30 years as well as Swami Sivamurti Saraswati, Yoga Acharya (Master of Yoga), and founder of Satyanandashram Hellas.


Paiania Center

How you can be part of this beautiful community of service

You are welcome to come and unite in our efforts to help us accomplish our aims and goals. Our association needs people who are ready to offer their hearts, their skills and ideas as well as monetary contributions, and to integrate their ‘head, heart and hands’ in service.

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If you consider the needs of others, we need you.
If you have a generous heart, we need you.
Ιf you have large hands, we need you.
If you have bright ideas, we need you.

Your contributions allow us to reach out to more and more people. Your contributions enable us to support and work towards the fulfilment of the vision of Swami Satyananda, Swami Niranjanananda and their lineage  that of peace and prosperity for all humankind.