Sivananda Math in India

Activities of Sivananda Math in India

Swami Satyananda established Sivananda Math, a social and charitable society in 1984, in memory of his guru, Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh. The aim of Sivananda Math is to serve and uplift the less privileged sections of society through charitable acts.

Since its inception, Sivananda Math has facilitated the growth of the weaker and deprived sections of society especially focusing on the Rikhia municipality in Jharkhand district, so that what was once a deprived, desolate area now flourishes with vitality and prosperity. 

Sivananda Math aims to uplift the impoverished rural and underdeveloped areas, not by creating a culture of dependency but by fostering peace, health, plenty and prosperity, and above all, self sufficiency for one and all. The activities are not rendered as charity, rather as sadhana or worship of God in human form based upon the highest vedantic teachings of atmabhav which Swami Satyananda explained as follows: To feel the experience of others as our own experience and the sorrow and sufferings of others as our own

The selfless service offered is an expression of the spiritual precepts of Swami Sivananda, whose central teachings of ’serve, love and give’ were bestowed by Swami Satyananda as the foundation of all activities at Rikhiapeeth. Today Swami Satyasangananda, inspired by her guru’s Swami Satyananda sankalpa (resolve) to provide for his neighbors as he himself was provided for, has been directing the activities of Sivananda Math since 1989.

In a short period, 16th century villages with no roads electricity or shops, underwent a total transformation and help now reaches over 60000 families from 160 villages around Rikhia.

Current projects to provide the very basic needs of any individual, are as follows:

  • Food, clothing, and primary health care are continuing so as to meet the daily basic needs of villagers.
  • High quality seeds, saplings and fertilizers are given to farmers along with water for irrigation of their fields. Farmers are provided with farming tools along with cows to supply their families with milk, and bullocks to help them plow their fields.
  • Tools of trade are also given to carpenters, barbers, tailors, ironsmiths and labourers.
  • Thelas or handcarts, mopeds, cycle and auto rickshaws are distributed to selected men of the area so that they have a means to work for a living.
  • Bicycles are offered to kanyas in pursuit of higher education as well as schoolbags, stationery and notebooks which are distributed to thousands of students from the local villages.
  • Sewing machines are distributed to women as a means to generate income for their families.
  • In keeping with the changing times, laptops, computers, digital cameras and CD players are presented to deserving recipients to enable them to prosper in modern society.


"Take care of the needs of others, and your needs will be taken care of, take care of the prosperity of others and your prosperity will be taken care of, take care of the liberation (Moksha) of others and your liberation (Moksha) will be taken care of. Serve the poor, give food to the hungry ones, care for the sick ones, go from door to door and see what their problems are, this is the only way to reach peace. These are the commands of Christ and of all the spiritual masters “Love your neighbor as your Self”. “Do to others what you would wish others to do to you”. One doesn’t need to know anything else. The secret is just to put it into practice.”

Swami Satyananda Saraswat



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Satyanandashram is a non-profit organization and receives no government funding. Programs and activities are open to members. Contributions and donations cover the running costs and go towards the philanthropic work of Satyananda Math to assist those in need. Contributions are non-refundable and non-transferable. Booking is essential to secure your place.
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