Sannyasis Muktidhara and Nityabodh share their inspiration after visiting Rikhia.
by Sannyasi Devi Chandi
Swami Karuna Ratna recalls his experience during Sita Kalyanam and Guru Poornima 2009.
Swami Amrit Sagar shares her experience of darshan at Rikhia.
Swami Sivamurti Saraswati
By Sannyasi Nada Shakti, one of the pillars of Satyananda Yoga in Thessaloniki, recalls the impact of meeting Swami Satyananda.
Sannyasi Atmaratna recalls her first meeting with Swami Satyanananda.
Swami Sivamurti reflects upon Swami Satyananda during his Greek visit.
Swami Vedavyasananda describes her first sight of her guru.
Swami Sivamurti speaks about Paramahamsaji’s ways of winning hearts.
Swami Sivamurti tells of one of her clearest memories of egodectomy with Swami Satyananda.
Swami Suryaroopa recalls his first impressions of Paramahamsaji in Greece.
Sannyasi Patramananda, the owner of the Nepheli Hotel where several of Paramahamsaji’s functions in Thessaloniki were held, describes the first experience of her guru.
Swami Sivamurti recalls an unforgettable experience in Spain.
Sannyasi Layamudra describes her 1981 encounter with Swami Satyananda at the airport.
Sannyasin Dikshananda shares how she first came into contact with the yoga centre in Thessaloniki.
Swami Sivamurti recalls a time with Swami Satyananda
Swami Bhajanananda’s reflections on the developing ashram at Eptanisou Street, Kypseli, and Paramahamsaji’s visit to that centre.
Swami Bhajanananda attended the first programmes of Swami Satyananda in 1980 at Satyanandashram, which was then in Kypseli. She explains the impact that meeting Swami Satyananda had on her life.
Swami Sivamurti recalls some of her seva yoga experiences with Paramahamsaji during her time at Bihar School of Yoga.
Sannyasi Sivakar describes an experience that saved her husband’s life.
Sannyasi Gambirananda, a founding member of Satyanandashram Hellas, describes his meeting with Paramahamsaji.
Swami Sivamurti recalls a visit to Spain with Swami Satyananda when he was asked, “How can one serve his guru if he is far away?”
One of the first Satyananda Yoga students in Greece, speaks of his first meeting “face-to-face”.

One of the earliest Satyananda Yoga students in Greece, describes his first encounter with Swami Satyananda.

Sannyasi Aishwarya Devi describes how meeting Swami Satyananda changed her life.

Swami Sivamurti tells of the journey to Athens after a seminar at Satyananda Yoga Centre in Kalamata.

Rev. Antoinette Schoenmaker, Meritus
The Independent Church of Australia

Sannyasis Vedamurti and Durga Shakti,
(married at Sita Kalyanam 1998 as Sita and Ram in the presence of Swami Satyananda)

Swami Aparokshananda
President, Satyanandashram Hellas

 A Vision for 
Satyananda Math

 Swami Sivamurti Saraswati

 A Vision for the
 Greek Women’s Groups

 Swami Sivamurti Saraswati

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