Time for transformation!

It is this human nature that has to be transformed. A lemon cannot become a mango, but it is possible to become a better lemon. People try to imitate an idea or a persona, and when they do that they impose an unnatural behaviour on themselves. Such pretense of being something that one is not is always artificial. An artificial conditioning of purity and piousness and uprightness is believed to be spiritual, and not the

Control or suppression?

What is the difference between control and suppression ? How do we know if desires have to be exhausted, suppressed or controlled ?   There is a big difference between control and suppression in spiritual philosophy. I am using the term “spiritual philosophy” and not just Yoga, Tantra, Vedanta or Samkhya; all philosophies are included. The difference is that in suppression you are not aware of the reactions that may be taking place or that

Positive qualities

The first step is to develop awareness of what one is doing. One needs to chalk out one’s weaknesses before they can be worked on. One needs to find out what triggers negativity within and what upsets one’s balance. One’s basic needs must be discovered, what is lacking in a situation and what is needed to make life more harmonious. It may sometimes be necessary to change the environment so that there is an inner

A very nice and new program inspired by Swami Niranjanananda for the health and wellbeing of all.

 “For all life forms breathing is vital, without which no life would survive.”   Breathe for Healthy Lungs English   From “Biharyoga.net”, Sw. Niranjanananda Saraswati


Mantra Today you are being initiated into the process of mantra. Mantra means a force which can free the mind from its normal states of identification, and allows a greater creativity and receptivity of the mind to manifest when it is perfected. Mantra is a sound vibration. Sound vibrations can alter the vibratory field of body, brain and mind and the sound vibrations which are known as mantras relate to the different psychic centers or


What are the koshas? To normal understanding, the human personality is comprised of a physical body along with all its organs and systems. There is a component of emotion, and a component of rationality. Then there is a component of interaction, behaviour and expression; call it creativity. There is also the component of ego. Just as we try to understand the human personality in these terms, Yoga has also described it in the form of

SwaN BDay

Happy birthday dear SwaN!!! Niranjan Niranjan, Just as pollen contains life and beauty The vibration of beauty is within you Be sure to keep radiating this. Don’t let the pollen become tainted Always be alert. Life is a flower Of truth, auspiciousness, beauty, Inner fragrance; From these pollen is made. A wild shock scatters it before time. It is vibrant with joy Some would destroy it with the flower. New life is there in the

Origin of Raja Yoga

Origin of raja yoga You are familiar with the term raja yoga. Who was the propounder of raja yoga? Everyone will say Patanjali, and that is an incorrect understanding. Sage Patanjali came in the medieval period of yoga, not in the early period of yoga. Raja yoga comes from an age way before Patanjali, many centuries and possibly millennia ago. In the early period of yoga, the teaching of raja yoga was imparted by Lord

Difference between meditation and yoga nidra

What is the difference between meditation and yoga nidra? Although the practices may be similar, the concept of yoga nidra and the concept of dhyana or meditation are poles apart. Yoga nidra is part of pratyahara: withdrawal of sensory perceptions, developing internal awareness, reducing external awareness. There are four states of mental awareness and concentration: pratyahara, dharana, dhyana and samadhi. In the practices of pratyahara, yoga nidra being one of them, we begin the process

Become a gardener

Become a gardener One has to become a gardener. We have been given a barren piece of land and through our effort we have to convert it into a beautiful garden. We have to work hard to achieve that. We have to remove the rocks and weeds, cultivate the earth and prepare the soil by adding the necessary nourishment and nutrients. Only then do we plant the seed. Once we have planted the seed, we

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