In Satyananda Yoga today, there is an emphasis on reaching out to others in need. It means reaching out to those beyond the confines of our family, to people we do not know. There are so many people who are in need of assistance, support or little acts of kindness. Seva yoga is the upliftment of others, offering one’s time and money to assist those less fortunate. Sri Swamiji lived to serve, love and give.
Swami Sivamurti Saraswati

Swami Sivamurti Saraswati, a disciple of Sri Swami Satyananda Saraswati, brought yoga to Greece over 40 years ago, carrying out the mission given to her by her guru. This has been the ancient tradition of yoga for millennium. Sri Swami Satyananda carried out the mission of his guru, the great luminary Sri Swami Sivananda who gave him the mandate to ‘spread yoga from shore to shore and from door to door.” The yoga of Sri Swami Sivananda was to “serve, love, give,” and Satyananda Yoga is a continuation of this.

“Take care of your neighbors as I have taken care of you”
Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Donations are Welcome!

Your contributions make our work possible.

Satyananda Math-Amba was founded by Swami Sivamurti to honour her guru’s philanthropic work and continue this humanitarian aid in Greece and the Balkans. While so much has been achieved, so much more still needs to be done.

Satyananda Math-Amba reaches out to the vulnerable groups in our society trying to cover the material, emotional and psychological needs of those who are facing challenges: orphans, refugees, people with drug dependence, inmates and the homeless are just some of the groups we serve.

For more information see our Satyananda Math-Amba website link below. (link)

In conjunction with Satyananda Math-Amba, there are a number of other independent philanthropic projects of Satyanandashram, some of which are running and others are currently being set up:

1. Give kids Yoga
2. Yoga and Cancer
3. Publications
4. Ashram Kitchen

Satyanandashram Hellas is a non-profit organization and receives no government funding. It is almost entirely run by volunteers in the spirit of seva yoga. All donations go towards the running expenses and meeting the aims and objectives of its association.

Please assist us in continuing our work. Donations to support these activities can be offered directly to the project(s) of your choice or to the general fund of the association that supports a host of activities.

How you can be part of this beautiful community of service:

You are welcome to come and unite in our efforts to help us accomplish our aims and goals. Our association needs people who are ready to offer their hearts, their skills and ideas as well as monetary contributions, and to integrate their ‘head, heart and hands’ in service.

If you consider the needs of others, we need you.
If you have a generous heart, we need you.
Ιf you have large hands, we need you.
If you have bright ideas, we need you.


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Owner address : Alithias 1, Paiania 19002
Bank Name: Alpha Bank
Bank Address: Vas. Konstantinou 214, 19400 Koropi, Greece,
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Your contributions allow us to reach out to more and more people. Your contributions enable us to support and work towards the fulfilment of the vision of Swami Satyananda, Swami Niranjanananda and their lineage – that of peace and prosperity for all humankind.